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A. There are a couple of prerequisites for using Set Up Payments app,

  1. Your organization must have the License Management App (LMA) installed.
  2. You should have the Salesforce login credentials for accessing the package.

In order for the app to work, your site administrator will need to set up site permissions for,

  1. Standard Object
  2. Custom Objects
  3. Enable Visualforce Pages and Apex Classes
  4. Custom Field Accesses

For more details, please refer to the User Guide.

A. Yes, you can build a site with your company information, keeping the site theme in line with your company branding. To do so, access the Payments Site Branding tab, where you can customize branding for,

  1. Company information
  2. Payment site
  3. Products page

For more on the Payments Site Branding tab, and the steps to brand each sub-tab, please refer to the User Guide.

A. Yes, you can set up different subscription plans and pricing models for different apps under the Manage Payment Plans and Pricing tab.

A. Set Up Payments supports PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. We are working on adding more in upcoming releases!

A. In the Add Payment Providers tab, you can add the required details related to your PayPal or Stripe account and link the account in a few simple steps. For more details, please refer the User Guide.

A. Yes, a couple of them as mentioned below,

  1. They must have an Organization ID
  2. They must have the payment site link, as provided by you (to subscribe to an AppExchange product after the expiration of the trial period)

A. In order to ensure security for the users of your app, Set Up Payments sends a unique ‘Security Code’ to your users as soon as they enter their Org ID on the verification page.

Please note, the Security Code is specific to Org ID and expires after 24hours of generation.

A. Currently Set Up Payments does not manage cancellations or changes in app subscriptions. Users of your apps will need to get in touch with you to cancel or change their subscriptions.